Rookie Moves & The 5D Embroidery Program

Over the past few months I've been learning the Husqvarna 5D Embroidery Design software package.  It's incredibly user-friendly and POWERFUL, wow, but there are a lot of technical features to learn.  My first independent design project was a medallion . . . something small, of course.  Ha.   There were far too many stitches in my initial design -- clearly I am an embroidery digitizing rookie!  But then I loaded up a few bobbins and gave it a try . . .  Here's the initial stitch-out: 

Together with the fabrics below, am thinking these would make a gorgeous quilt?
Then I tried a modified version of the medallion on a few other surfaces.  Here it is stitched on to a machine knit sampler.  (I added the purple running stitches afterwards by hand.)
I love the one below stitched on linen.  I think the pale pink works wonders against the moss green:

 And finally, the studio rack of happy medallion experiments: