This year the focus of our collection is on the sights and sounds of the beaches of Oregon in fall, and the annual explosion of autumnal color on the East Coast. At the heart of our new works are two knitting patterns: Lanza and Los Árboles.

The Lanza pattern evokes the curves and forms of falling leaves, while the Los Árboles pattern honors the architecture of the tree from trunk to limb. Both pattern names are a touch bilingual, as Lanza translates to “spear” in Spanish, while Los Árboles means “trees,” also in Spanish.

The clean, crisp, textural inspiration of the Oregon coast led us toward fine linen and cotton materials, which we used to create elegant pillows, placemats, and shawls. We contrast the tranquility of these linen works with a collection of vibrant wool pillows. These lightly felted pillows, loomed using both the Lanza and Los Árboles knitting patterns, have a bolder, more graphic look-and-feel.



At RaisaAntonia we use only the finest spun fleece to loom our wool pillows: the Shetland wool collection from a local manufacturer, Harrisville Designs, in historic Harrisville, New Hampsire. Spinning wool since 1794, Harrisville Designs has been a leader in providing the finest quality fleece and wool to textile artists and small businesses for centuries.

The Harrisville Designs color family is our point of departure for this season’s wool choices. And, in an effort to further enhance the hues, texture and durability of our loomed pieces, we lightly felt each one before final construction.

This finishing touch brings a depth and vibrancy to our final colors, which all blend beautifully with our knit designs.



Linen has an unparalleled rustic beauty that adds texture and refinement to our RaisaAntonia linen pillows and shawls. Strong and with exquisite drape, linen washes well and even softens with age.

Our favorite source to loom our products is Louet’s Euroflax 100% wet spun long-line linen, which is not only of the highest quality, but also is machine washable and dryable.

The 2013 Fall Collection balances the crispness of this linen fiber with the sheen of 100% mercerized Valley Yarns cotton. This cotton is sourced from another local vendor, WEBS, based out of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Together, the Louet linen and Valley Yarns cotton create soft, elegant pieces that add a touch of luxury to your life.

Below: LANZA Linen/Cotton Pillow Cover in Light Blue



RaisaAntonia is a textile design company founded in 2012 by Raisa Lawrence West, a textile designer originally from the Dominican Republic and the Pacific Northwest.

RaisaAntonia textiles are a celebration of design and function, with each piece a harmonious mix of color and texture. Using the highest-quality linen, cotton and wool, we hand-loom each individual pillow, shawl and decorative item in our New Hampshire studio.

Below: LANZA Women's Sweater