FREE Hand-Knitting Pattern! Tipón is here . . .

Post from Raisa     After decades in New England, I am a near-expert in the art of staying warm in the winters.  Long underwear, Darn Tough socks, Sorel boots, glove liners, hot water bottles . . .  Yep, I have a system that keeps this half-Dominican body clear of frostbite even deep into February.

And now I am in alpaca heaven.

This scarf, Tipón, is the coziest, most comfortable bit of fluffy warmness I've ever had wrapped around my neck since I had a sick toddler. 

This morning it's cold, a bit rainy and I am absolutely elated that I can wear this bit of hand-knit lace for, hm, perhaps the next 8 months.  Starting today.  Not even kidding.  

Sign up for our email newsletter and you receive a PDF of this hand-knitting pattern for FREE!  Really!  The pattern is charted and the instructions are in English (for those of you who speak that language), so I think it's a win-win for everybody on this early, frosty fall day.

Happy knitting!!

The scarf was inspired by the Inca ruins of Tipón in Cusco, Peru.

The upper portion of the complex intersects with the Inca Trail, which eventually leads to Machu Picchu deeper into the Andes.

NEW Handknitting Pattern | Arequipa Grace

(Post from Raisa, currently in Cusco, Peru)   Our time in South America has inspired a collection of Hand Knitting Patterns, something new for RaisaAntonia.

Here is our first pattern from the collection: Arequipa -  a lace hat, scarf and gloves for little girls.

These three pieces include lace detailing throughout, and are one-size-fits-all.  The lace hat has a slouchy style and is made with a single lace pattern.  The scarf uses two lace patterns: one that creates the ruffle edges and another for the long body of the scarf.  The fingerless gloves have cabled cuffs at the top and bottom, and include lace detailing in the middle.  The glove pattern is charted.

And our favorite young model was MOST helpful during our formal photo shoot!  

Look for the complete LookBook of all our Cusco handknits later this month!