7,000+ Pieces: Perseverence or Ridiculous?

ONE INCH!  I made a 1" error in cutting, and next thing I knew I was neck-deep in a year-long project that was originally supposed to last a few weekends. Ha.

This is a scrap quilt I made in 2006, now hanging in the first floor of our barn.

I see it on my way to the studio every day.  It's a not-so-gentle reminder to CUT CAREFULLY!

On Day One of this project I accidentally made 1" strips (not the called-for 2" strips) for this log cabin quilt.

Around this time I had made a vow to finish each and every project that I started - didn't matter if it was just re-organizing a bookshelf or starting a quilt.  I absolutely, without question, no-way-out, had to see it through to completion.

So what if my sewing task list had mushroomed into what felt like a near-endless exercise in piecing very small strips into log cabin squares?  I had to embrace the Zen of the experience and get my sewing on.  For 12 months.

Here's the final math: 29 pieces per square, 256 squares . . . for a grand total of 7,424 pieces.

Yes indeed, it helps to be on your game when using using scissors or the rotary cutter.