An Antidote for the Winter Chill

(Post from Raisa)    Just in time for the holidays, a snowstorm is making its way through our part of New England.  The experts predict we will see at least a foot of snow here in our area before Sunday night.  The fluffy white carpet of pre-holiday magic will cover the trees and rooftops in our picturesque old town here in New Hampshire, and the eventual snowdrifts will be deep enough for good sledding.  Hot chocolate and a cozy fire at the end of a stormy day are made perfect with a shawl or throw to keep the shoulders warm.  Below is a photo our Lanza Linen Shawl worn by a bride in the snowy weather . . .   Personally, I like how the groom wore his snowboots with his suit!

Photo by Amanda Bastoni, BoroPhotography