4 Friday Favorites

Everything is set for the tour!  Look forward to seeing you all here later this weekend.

Machine Knitting Demonstrations

Decided to include machine knitting demonstrations as part of the Art Tour - stop on by!  Monadnock Art Tour, Saturday & Sunday - October 10 & 11, 2015, Stop #22.

Monadnock Art Tour, Stop #22

Stop by and say hello!  Saturday & Sunday, October & 11, 2015, Stop #22.  34 Main Street here in Hancock, NH.

4 Friday Favorites

A little fall color in the MORAY design | a little bit of handwork with the SKYLINE short infinity scarf | color inspiration from the fall foliage outside these days | infinity scarves, all worked up and ready for the tour!

Edit, Then Edit Some More

Mom's best decorating advice: "EDIT.  And then go back and edit some more."  Things are getting spare here in the barn as preparations continue for the Studio Tour in a few weeks.  At this point, just the MORAY pillows, white slipcovers and photographs are left!